Developing Discipline

“You will not always be motivated, so you must learn to be disciplined.”

Some point before the new year, there was a rash of Facebook posts that revolved around what “Your Word” is for 2020. A sort of a “resolution” that people are using. Mine is “self-discipline”. In my own acknowledgement, I am the least “disciplined” person I know. I do have quite a few goals for 2020. The only way I am going to have any kind of chance of accomplishing said goals, is to develop self-discipline.

For instance, with my health and weight loss goals: I must be disciplined and get up earlier than I want (I truly love my bed and sleeping…), drink water (instead of my beloved Dr. Pepper), exercise (I have a new gym membership), and eat foods that are healthy for me (I Love junk food).

Me, riding bike at the gym.

I have been teaching myself to crochet for a little more than a year. I need to be better disciplined in practicing, and to stick with projects through to the finish. I am easily frustrated and find myself “Frogging” it all to begin again. Or worse, I give up and quit the project. I would love to be able to eventually sell some of my creations and make a little extra cash.

The same notion applies to my writing. “Honestly, Carrie”, has been dormant for a few months. Why? Some people, found some of the things I wrote about… offensive. Who knew raw honesty would have had such a profound impact? Not I. So, I drew back from my writing. I have taken a little time to thicken my skin. As I write and begin new posts, I must be mentally disciplined. The premise of my blog is that I share my honest opinion. There is nothing wrong with my opinion, provided that I am willing to listen to others opinions as well. I’m not twisting any arms and forcing the reader to: 1. read what I write or, 2. change their views. Actually, I have found that when someone has not liked what I have written, it says more about them individually. Usually because they didn’t like the way they were portrayed, and they know their behavior was sub-par.

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In addition, I would like to be more disciplined in the continuation of growing my faith. One of the simplest ways to do this is with a devotional; daily or weekly. I have several. I just don’t make the time to do it. I don’t have a good reason or “excuse”. I’m currently looking into devotional podcasts to listen to while I am working out (two birds, one stone). So, being a disciplined disciple is something I am striving towards.

I was given this devotional as a Christmas gift.
Photo by Mister Mister on

I think one of the motto’s I need to adopt into my daily routine is Nike’s, “Just DO It”.

Because Honestly, I need to just do, what I need to do.




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