The Road Not Taken

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If you do not know the poem by Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken, please take a moment and read it. The poem essentially speaks of a moment in life where a choice must be made. The dilemma, that each path has it’s merits and disadvantages. The decisions of the here and now will, effectively, affect the rest of a persons life.

This illustration has entered my life so many times. It has been a description for several of my close loved ones. The poem was read at my Mother’s funeral. In reverence of her life’s journey. It was not the easiest path. Partly because of the things that happened that she truly had no control over. Partly from the way that she handled the difficulties. It was when she was diagnosed with cancer, that I saw her fortitude to survive. Unfortunately, there were more issues than her body could withstand. She traveled on to glory. I take solace knowing that she is no longer in pain, either physical or mental.

My children are at the ages that they are making their plans for their futures. The eldest, making huge strides in choosing her career path. The second, who has chosen to move to another state. Taking the steps of independence toward adulthood. The third, has made the decision to enter the Military. Forth and Fifth are beginning to explore what they might want to pursue for their lives. As a parent, I stand back. I watch them take the steps on their own “less traveled” roads. I reflect upon watching and coaching them with taking their first steps. My own path, branching off, to always be available for the questions. Ready with the support they need, even if their choices break my heart.

I watch my Nephews and Nieces. The elder group, Their paths crossing with that “One Person” who they will marry, and start on the path of married life. They are having their own children and growing their families. I have watched them grow in age and intelligence. I have watched them make mistakes. I have seen them learn, from said mistakes, and begin to flourish in spite of the pressures in their lives. My hope is, that no matter what, they know I will always be in their corner. The younger group, I watch them grow and learn, forging their way without fear. I am always so proud of their accomplishments. Whether it is potty training or acing their math test. I simply love them all.

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The pilgrimage toward an “Empty Nest”, a reality that gets closer and closer with every passing day, is my current path. My Husband and I are making plans, attempting to quell the vacillating emotions that this point in life will bring.

I personally, have some decisions to make. 1. I am revisiting a particular point on my path. I know it’s cryptic, but when I have the details for the choices that lie ahead of me, I will proudly share what this decision is. 2. I have made the decision to become a healthy person. I am changing my eating and exercise habits. This is a fork in a road that has been a long time coming and I am excited to ride the roller coaster. To not give up when the going gets rough. But honestly, even more so, to be successful within my endeavors.




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  1. Carrie, sounds as though you have lots on your mind just now, given this entry. Let me tell you that my life has gone on really nicely. Of course, there are issues to deal with, but that is always something in life. SO… KEEP GOING WELL, Carrie. You are a good gal!!! Love, Aunt Janice

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