The Moments He Gives

A couple weekends past, I was able to attain some much needed “Girl Time”. Time spent with some of my favorite people. **I need to give a shout out to my daughter, C@$@(!&3. She was my co-pilot, navigator, food/snack distributor, deep thought provider, and most importantly – DJ. Keeping the drive(s) short by playing the music that defines her, and surprisingly – myself as well.

The weekend began on Friday evening, with a drive to my home town ~ Waverly, Iowa. Approximately, an 1 hr 45 min – 2 hr drive, from where we live now in Gilbert, Iowa. We ended up arriving at my Bestie’s home around 8 pm. We proceeded to sit and enjoy each other’s company, for at least four hours. We talked about… Crocheting, the happenings in my daughter’s life, and had a running commentary on the television show that was playing (in the background), and several other topics in that short time span. Then, realizing what time it had gotten to be, responsibly, we hit the hay. I think we were all ready to turn into pumpkins.

Saturday morning we attended Trinity United Methodist Church’s “Spirit Spa”. A time where women lift each other up in the spirit of Christ. We were offered a Continental Breakfast, Lunch, Devotions and a Program discussing: Organizing our lives, discovering the things that hold us back, and clearing the clutter. Guiding us through a materialistic life, in a spiritual approach. Kathy Traetow and Karen Platte, gave logical and practical advise. Applying passages from the Bible and the spiritual guidance within them. (I’ll write a much more detailed account of this time in another post.)

It was during this event that I had some of the most powerful “God Moments”, I have experienced in my life. I was blessed more than once during the few hours of the “Spirit Spa”. Before we ate the wonderful lunch provided, We informally experienced communion at our given table. I was blessed to have the honor to offer the Body and Blood of Christ to both; my daughter and my bestie. This struck my heart. It humbled me. My presence at this event, gave me the opportunity to personally offer my daughter the sacrifice of Jesus. To impart upon her the pure love available from God. This alone would have been “enough” for my experience. But no, God didn’t hold back. You see, my bestie is currently pursuing the call God is showing her. She is enduring the arduous process that is required to live the path that has been set before her. She has served me communion multiple times. To be able to offer her the gift that Jesus gave us… indescribable.

Again, as if those moments weren’t enough. I spoke with a woman, who by sharing an experience she had with my father, blessed me. (Back story – my father passed away when I was six years old. I don’t have a lot of clear memories of my own. So, when someone imparts their experiences/memories, I embrace them.) The particularly profound memory shared was, my father giving a lesson on floral arrangements to her 4H group. She remembers him saying, “It doesn’t matter if others like what you have made. What is important, is if YOU like it. That is all that matters.” This statement. It rings so clearly. I believe this was God, using my father’s words, to tell me that I am enough. I do not have to wait for anyone to approve of what I create. HOW AWESOME IS THIS!?

Following our time with these wonderful women, C@$@ and I began our second leg of our girls weekend. Again, she fulfilled all of the roles previously mentioned. DJ C@$@ selected the music. In particular, she played “Let It Go”, from the Disney movie “Frozen”. Immediately followed by “This Is Me” from the movie “The Greatest Showman”. It was all I could do, not to “Ugly Cry”. IF, you haven’t listened to the message within the lyrics of these songs, OR haven’t seen the movies they are in. Please, take some time and do so. They are powerful and freeing.

We arrived at our destination, Iowa City. Where my eldest daughter and one of my nieces, attend The University of Iowa. We spent some time at my niece’s apartment, then ended our days travels, at my oldest daughter’s apartment. We ordered pizza, abating the “hangry” feelings we were all experiencing. We relaxed and chatted. Each participating in the humor of the “sassy” back and forth. Imagery: Tennis or Volleyball match. Again, we stayed up way too late.

Sunday. We slept in later than we planned, thus our day and the plans within it were delayed. This day’s itinerary included lunch at the local mall’s food court. Followed by s e v e r a l hours of shopping. The goal of the shopping: to obtain an outfit for my upcoming birthday – and all of the frivolity that is planned for such an event. I will say, the shopping excursion was a success. My daughters and niece all have impeccable taste. Leading me to believe, they should open a “personal shopper” business. The atmosphere of our shopping was, unceremonious. Relaxed not rushed. Simple.

The final leg of this wonderful journey, the drive home. We had traveled about 30 minutes, when the snow started to fall. We had at least 1 1/2 hours left. Fortunately, only about 1/2 an hour was white knuckled. (It will always amaze me, how quickly people lose all ability to drive properly at the glimpse of a single snow flake.) We made it home safely, on the wings of angels.

I concluded my “Girls Only” weekend by touching base with my son. Then relaxing with my husband. Watching the 10 o’clock news and crocheting. Heading to bed, (I missed my own bed) at a not too absurd hour.

I’m so grateful for the people in my daily life. For those who enter for a 20 minute conversation. Those who bring laughter, companionship, and comfort. For those who present obstacles, with the growth they bring. The drop in the ocean, that creates ripples, to have an effect on my life. Thank you God, for all the blessings you give.




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