My Keto Diet Experience… So Far

Nearly six months ago, I had a routine visit with my doctor. It revealed I have several health issues that a.) I needed to get control of immediately, and b.) I needed to re-evaluate my lifestyle, to postpone inevitable diagnoses.

I researched the many, many types of diets that I could choose from. There are so many, and they all have variations. I discussed the multitude of options with my doctor, and together, we decided on the Keto Diet. I have been following the Keto (Ketogenic) Diet for two and a half months. I have lost 15-20 pounds (it fluctuates). I feel like I have more energy. My clothes fit so much better. It appears this diet/lifestyle is working the way I need it to.

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Now, having said the Keto Diet is working, I know in my heart that this is not a completely permanent change. I am using it as a means to an end. When I have achieved my goals, I will slowly reintroduce the foods I have cut back on. I feel this will help me maintain my “new lifestyle”, and keep me from becoming a “yo-yo” dieter.

What is this “Wonderful” Ketogenic Diet? It follows the principal of high (healthy) fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrates. In the first couple of weeks, I felt like there was nothing “good” I could eat. I was very frustrated and (I’ll admit) moody. By the third – fourth week, I had a grasp on the method and felt more in control of what I was putting into my body. I have eliminated unhealthy carbs like chips, and cookies. The majority of sugars disappeared with the unhealthy carbs.

I know many of my readers are saying I should be eating “a balanced diet and exercising”. “Keto” is a balanced diet. It is simply reorganized from the normal idea of “balanced”. A reason I needed to adjust my lifestyle, is due to back issues that have kept me from exercising. I have recently (two weeks) been cleared by my doctor to begin “light exercise”. Yoga, walking and core work – like planking.

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I have reported the “positives” that this diet has brought. So what have the negatives been? Carbs. I LOVE CARBS! I miss carbs…. and starches. In all honesty, I should say, I miss eating carbs.. all day long. There are also, no “cheat days” allowed. However, there are variations that allow for that. I am constantly drinking water, not because I know it is good for me. I drink because I have terrible Dry Mouth. That probably means that I have nasty breath too. I have begun to seriously read labels when I am shopping. Label reading, literally extends the amount of time I spend in the grocery store. The most difficult piece for me to manage has been sodium quantities. A lot of the “Keto Approved” foods are very high in sodium. High sodium can exacerbate some of the health issues I am on this diet to improve. I am on constant vigil to maintain healthy levels, of… everything.

All in all, I am on a path to a healthier me. Accomplishing one spoke of the wheel at a time.




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