Taking my own advice.

Previously, in my very first post, I said I was “Thawing Out”. Essentially meaning, I’m not going to let my anxiety lead my life. Fast forward a month. I find myself in an “anxiety bubble”.

While this blog is shared publicly, I have yet to tell those close to me, that I am writing. I haven’t even asked my husband to read it, follow it etc. Well in complete honesty, I have told maybe four people. People who I don’t think would give criticism. Just support. The anxiety bubble.

I find myself advising, supporting and being excited for my niece Lauren, who has started her own blog, Landing with Lo. (If you’re reading my blog, you should also follow her.) Lauren has taken that step into vulnerability with those who know her on all of her social media accounts… and I am so proud of her. All the while, I am sitting in an anxiety bubble.

I’m trying to figure out WHY, if I am ok with publicly posting on WordPress, can I not pop that damn anxiety bubble of being 100% Honestly Carrie, in all the possible arenas of my life. What is the absolute worst thing that could happen? “The people I love will not love me back if something I write offends them. The people who I love will not love me anymore.” The anxiety bubble.

No. That will not happen. The people who love me will talk to me if I offend them. The people who honestly love me, will Always love me.

I’ve got a hold of Jesus’ hand…

I’ve got a needle in the other hand…

My heart is pounding…

I’m blinking back tears…

Taking my own advice…

In total HONESTY…

…… POP!!!!

Please look for Honestly Carrie on other forms of social media.


3 thoughts on “Taking my own advice.”

  1. Loved reading your Blog…Wish I had been able to write when I was raising My Group and Foster Children thru the years…….Love You Child and Keep Up the Good Work…


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