Giving and Receiving

Today is December 25. Christmas. Like most people, who celebrate Christ’s Birth, we open gifts. In our family, we have a range of receivers. Those who want as many gifts as possible, to those who only want the cash that would have been spent for them. Now, I’m not saying that either end of the spectrum is good or bad. It is what it is.

My issue lies in the ungratefulness. The “Expectation”, of receiving. When a person receives a gift, they should be grateful. Even if the gift isn’t something they want. The person who bought the gift for them, took the time to think and purchase said gift. The individual on the receiving end should be thankful, if not for the gift, then for the thought behind it.

My thoughts pivot, to the person who only wants gifts. Who supplies a list before Thanksgiving. Who “Expects” a plentiful bounty. This person is most likely to be grateful for what they are given, but would be dismayed if there weren’t a plethora of packages. As well as, if this person is so specific, it doesn’t allow the giver to give a gift from the heart.

Is it possible that the Giver may have a set of Expectations as well? Yes. 100% YES! Am I writing this in the fleeting hours of Christmas Day, simply because these are things I witnessed in my own family? Was I dismayed by some of the reactions of those who received my gifts? So, perhaps what I should be focusing on, is how I thought my gifts should be received? Why am I putting restrictions on how other people get to feel? The answer is easily found. I shouldn’t.

So how does one cope with the varying degrees of Expectation? I feel that giving should come from the heart. Perhaps, the gift that was snubbed, wasn’t something they wanted. However, I know in my heart that when the time comes to use this particular gift, they will be more than happy to have it. Also, with the bountiful receiver, I should take the joy they are sharing at the given moment.

Let me take a moment to thank God for the Gift that is Jesus Christ. The best and most versatile gift ever given in the history of Mankind. All one needs to do is Receive this precious gift, that was given so that man shall never perish. Also, to thank God for the wonderful family I have been given. They are always a blessing!

I wish each and everyone who may read this, a Blessed and Safe Holiday Season.




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