This week Our kitchen “remodel” will be finished.   Now, when I say “remodel”, there was no construction change. It is all aesthetics really.  This “remodel” began with a leaky faucet.  Then, it was new counter tops, a new paint job, tile back splash, ending with new appliances. 

It was kind of like the children’s book, “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie”.  The faucet leaked, so the hubby says, “Go pick out a new kitchen faucet.”  I did. A lovely copper color.  To match the lighting fixtures.  Then Hubby says, “Let’s get new counter tops.”  I (we) went and picked out a lovely quartz to compliment the fixtures.  Again, Hubby says, “Let’s paint and get a nice back splash.”  I chose a drastic change, going from red to a light aqua.  The back splash is an elongated hexagon shape.  The colors vary, accenting the fixtures and counters.  Finally, Hubby says, “Let’s get new appliances, I have found some I think you will like.”  He was right.  They are “black slate”.  Evidently, slate is the newest concept for appliance finishes.

Now, this sounds like it was smooth sailing.  Some parts were as simple as, pointing my finger and it magically happened.  The other parts, not so magical.  The faucet leaking to begin with was it’s own bundle of work that I’m not going to get into now.

Painting.  While prepping the wood work, Hubby noticed a little spot had bubbled.  So, Hubby picked at it, thinking he could easily sand the spot so it would blend in and be smooth.  No such luck.  That little nickle size bubble turned into an entire wall.  Not so easily buffed out to blend in and disappear.  Also, the teenagers, found this to be tantalizing and “helped” peel the bubbled paint.  Finally, the paint stopped peeling and we were able to get the job done.

Back splash.  The selection process was fun and enjoyable.  Getting the job done, not so much.  We decided to hire out the job, and chose to “Buy Local”.  The company delayed our job three times.  First, the metal trim didn’t come in.  Second, the installer got here and the wrong tile was ordered. If I hadn’t asked to see it, the wrong tile would have been applied.  Finally, the correct tile “didn’t make the shipment”, so we would have to bump it out again.  This time I made a visit to the company.  Yes, I was “That Person”.  What I haven’t mentioned is that my kitchen had been “disassembled”, and Hubby wasn’t going to reassemble again until the tile got done.  That meant that for nearly six weeks, I was improvising in my kitchen.  (I know, “First World Problems”.)  The company did give us a decent discount for all of the hassle.  Plus, the installer, did a fantastic job and the back splash is gorgeous.

Finally, the appliances.  Not really a problem, just a bit of a headache..  When we purchased the suite, two of the appliances had to be ordered and two were in-stock.  Delivery wouldn’t be able to happen until after the holidays.  Not something I was upset about.  The headache came when the store called to say that the two ordered pieces had arrived, and could be delivered at a sooner date.  Well, the call went to Hubby, who wisely asked the store to call me to set the delivery, as I am the one who will be here to accept it.  Two days passed and I had not yet received a call.  Hubby calls the store and asks them to call me a second time.  A day later, still no call.  Again, I turned into “That Person”, and called the store myself.  I was an idiot and called at the lunch hour, so the poor employee, who has ZERO control over the situation, got the brunt of my frustration.  Thankfully, I did get a call in return within forty-five minutes, and the delivery date was successfully moved a whopping three weeks earlier.

In closing, I am relieved to have this “remodel” come to a close.  Writing this has actually opened my eyes, to just how blessed I am to have this wonderful home.  How lucky am I to have the Amazin’ Hubby I do.  Thank you God, for all of my blessings.  As well as, the “headaches” that make me truly appreciative.


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